Beauty Cleanse Skincare

Beauty Cleanse Skincare is running a crowdfunding campaign to complete its simple range of hardworking multitasking skincare products & introduce plastic-free and zero-waste multi-use gifting bags that can help consumers avoid single-use waste & throw-away culture associated with travel and seasonal holidays.

Decluttering your Masking Stash

After under two years of trial and error and continuous testing, we are ready to offer a multi-purpose mask that promises to declutter your masking stash. It’s not your next favourite brightening mask, it’s not a clay mask, and it’s not even a charcoal mask, but it’s a bit of everything!

The carefully selected, multibeneficial superfood ingredients works to brighten skin, refine pores, hydrate, detoxify, and offer an antioxidant boost all at once. It truly is a ‘Nearly Everything Minimalist” treatment for all skin types/conditions.

However, our business needs your help to be able to complete the simple, streamlined range of skincare routine for all.

We have won several awards for our potent multi-tasking serums, and the latest launch in the collection (the Anti-Pollution Deep Cleansing Oil & Makeup Remover) has many fans already. (Plus, it’s a global finalist by Pure Beauty Awards london 2021)

Imagine what the next product will be like?

Waterless, Customisable & Ethical

This new mask is also 100% waterless (and completely customisable) and made with biodegradable ingredients including not just one, but TWO upcycled ingredients diverted from food waste!

Considering the immense environmental impact of the consumerism on the planet, we always focus on creating innovative superfood-powered, multipurpose products that minimise unnecessary waste and encourage slow consumption. Therefore, it is so important for us to create products that avoid releasing unnecessary CO2 in the environment. The ultimate solution to tackle climate change is not in offsetting CO2, but it is in designing products in a way that help avoid it in the first place. Our capsule range of 4 multipurpose skincare products replaces 21 additional products altogether. What more can we ask for when it comes to minimising waste?

Moreover, Beauty Cleanse Skincare is always focused on reducing waste and avoiding unnecessary consumption. Therefore, we always strive to rescue by-products from other industries – the food and drink industry in particular.

This new formula utilises discarded charcoal derived from oak fencing offcuts and rice extracts made from misshapen white rice. As always, you get Superfoods for your skin, which are SuperGood for the planet.

why do we use cork for our MULTIUSE GIFTING BAGS?

We have chosen Cork for our gifting bags alternatives, as its one of the most versatile, sustainable and renewable material if you want to to avoid leaving a negative footprint on the planet. 

The harvesting and production of cork is not only sustainable, but it also serves to provide employment and economic purpose for many communities. Cork harvesting is an ancient tradition, using the same method for thousands of years.

It all starts in the forest. It doesn’t harm the tree, and the cork bark regrows. In fact, during regrowth, it absorbs up to 5 times more CO2 from the environment.

The year of harvest is marked on the trunk, so each tree isn’t harvested at the wrong time. Cork is a great insulating material, and gives these oaks a chance to survive the forest fires that occasionally happen in the hot Mediterranean summers.

After harvesting, the removed bark is dried in the sun, and handled differently depending on its use. Throughout the production process, absolutely nothing is wasted. All waste is returned to the production process, making cork harvesting and production one of the most sustainable business practices on the planet.  

why less is more?

We simply do not need 10-12 step skincare routines to look and feel our best. It not only puts unnecessary burden on the landfills, but also do more harm than good to our skin.

Our skin knows how to regulate itself! Instead of manipulating it by using lots of harsh temporary fixes, all we need to do is support its natural functions by feeding it with gentle, skin-loving and nutrient dense ingredients.

Therefore, I really want to launch this product in the market to show the beauty industry that we can do so much more with less, and it is certainly possible to create innovative multipurpose formulations that could cut down on excessive waste and blur complicated product categories.

Please support us to help people streamline complicated and wasteful beauty rituals. We are offering some great vegan, eco-friendly incentives for those who donate. Some of the key rewards include, zero-waste gift bags made of cork, multipurpose mask brushes, vegan supplements, coconut smoothie bowls, some indulgent vegan brownies, and a lot more.

Visit our crowdfunding page using the link below;

With Love,

Saman – founder of Beauty Cleanse Skincare x