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What does it mean by enjoying a minimalist skincare routine? In simple terms, it means using less is more approach, whether its about the products, ingredients, packaging or the overall beauty steps.

A simple and minimalist skincare routine means less fuss, less stress and more importantly, less skincare problems. So, let’s find out how to simplify and revaluate your skincare routines.  


Before we begin, we want to give you the good news that these tips will not only help you simplify complicated skincare routines, but also empower you to tackle those impulse purchases which leads to wasteful patterns responsible for harming our skin and the planet.

The secret to learning how to enjoy minimal skincare routine is more about a state of mind rather than a set of rules. It actually means that there is intention behind putting on the right type of product with the least amount of effort (and off course, the least number of products).

1. Cleanse your skincare stash/vanity. Your skin will thank you.

When it comes to decluttering, your beauty bag is no exception, so empty it out! If you are struggling to decide what goes in your minimalist skincare routine, we suggest putting some of the ‘’hardly ever used’’ items off sight for a few weeks and use only the ones you definitely cannot live without on a daily basis.

Chances are that after some time, you would not even miss the ones you decided to ditch. Now remember, before throwing them out to be accumulated in our landfills, either use them up completely, give to friends or family, or just simply donate to a charity. What you should keep really depends on those products that makes your skin happy and glowing. You will observe that lots of products that claims to be the ones you should not live without are the ones that are not required to enjoy a healthy and problem-free skin. Our skin loves simplicity too.

2. Ignore buzzwords and social media trends

Its no surprise that we are bombarded with ads, influencer’s recommendations, and tons of other marketing messages every single day. However, expect it to be such. It hasn’t changed before, and it won’t change in the future. What needs to change is your attitude towards impulse purchases, and you can only do this with the help of knowledge – an understanding on how to break the myths around buzzwords!

Make yourself familiar with the buzzwords on your labels and whether that matches with what the company is trying to convince you on? It is very common to see all natural, clean, and green labelled on every other product these days, but until you know how to decipher those buzzwords, you will always get caught up in the wasteful purchases that could be both damaging your skin and the planet. Believe it or not, every product that gets launched in the market is not meant to be bought by each one of us. It all depends on your skin requirements, but the key is to only opt for products that deals with the root cause of all potential skin problems, (aka the ‘’weakened/compromised skin barrier’’), instead of opting for temporary and instant fixes.

3. Know your ingredients

Do you know when we rinse our products off, it’s ingredients get absorbed directly into our Ecosystem?

Knowing that a single shower could result in 100,000 microbeads entering the water system, we always ensure that along with being beneficial for the skin, the ingredients we use do not pollute our water and marine life when washed down the drains. We think this is exactly we should all be looking for when it comes to buying our skincare and beauty products.

If next time you hear a company claiming to be clean or backed by science, then do not forget to check what impact their ingredients are leaving on the planet. At the end of the day, calling a product ”clean” should be way more than just the packaging. For example, a company’s product packaging can be fully recyclable or biodegradable, but that product could still be putting a massive strain on the planet due to the unethical selection or sourcing of the ingredients.
So, make a habit of reading your labels before committing to buying the next “cute” product.

At Beauty Cleanse Skincare, we believe that everybody should know what they put on their skin and into the environment. Instead of focusing on Synthetic vs. Natural, OR Clean beauty vs. Green Beauty, we encourage consumers to only feed their skin with fewer high-quality products that are rich in hardworking ingredients and keep transparency & sustainability at their core.

4. Go Multipurpose

Use less stuff, seek more benefits and spend less money. Go multipurpose, it’s that simple!

Ok, that sounds like three parts to a single rule, but they do work together. Less is more when it comes to makeup and skincare routine, but it is also about versatility and ease of use.  A lipstick that is also a lip balm, an eye-shadow brush that also works as an eyeliner and a skincare serum that replaces 8 other products is what you need to enjoy a minimalist skincare routine. Yes, you heard it right! We love making multipurpose skincare and our Restoring Mean Green Superfood Drops is a serum-in-oil formulation that can be used in 8 different ways for your skin, hair, and nails. Not only its cutting unnecessary waste associated with creating 7 additional products, but it is also a perfect way to expose your skin to less ingredients. Moreover, the ingredients in this product only contain goodness from natural superfood extracts which are loaded with skin-loving essential omega fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. Click here to check it out yourself.

5. Get familiar with the real you

Our attention is so consumed by the world around us and often we lose track of who we are and how great we can be.  As a result, we tend to wear makeup like a mask, hiding our true selves as opposed to enhancing ourselves. Minimalist beauty is about meeting yourself all over again and helping the real you be revealed. As you change your old beauty habits and improve your lifestyle, you’ll have more time and energy for yourself.

It is a process to achieve, but the effects of minimalist beauty will soon carry over into other aspects of your life. It’s important to remember that carrying, keeping and hoarding lots of stuff is only going to stress us out even more which means another skincare problem. Who knows? Stress is linked to inflammation in our bodies and more inflammation inside our system means our skin being the largest organ of our body will be the first one to get impacted by it. So, avoiding stress does make sense.

So, now you are armed with all the necessary tips to enjoy and stick to a minimalist skincare routine. Let us know your thoughts on this top and don’t forget to share that one reason which convinced/encouraged you to choose minimal approach to beauty in the first place?

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