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Do you know the words like ‘natural’, ‘herbal’, ‘cosmetic grade’, ‘clean’, green‘ and even ‘organic’ in the world of beauty products is not strictly regulated, making Greenwashing really hard to spot at times?

In 2010, 95% of the products were guilty of Greenwashing! Greenwashing is a method by which a company uses certain wording, graphics and colors to make the consumer believe they are getting a safer and better options. 

We believe that learning to decode your labels and understanding the ingredients that are a huge part of your daily routines is a must for all consumers. We, as conscious consumers, should never rely only on the front of the bottle to determine if our choices could be leaving any negative impact on our skin and the world around us.

The Beauty Cleanse Cheat Sheet is our promise to create clean beauty products that are kind to your skin and kind to the planet. We are committed to only using ingredients that directly benefit the health of the skin & support the integrity of our formulations, without leaving a negative impact on the planet. But what we leave out of our products is just as important as what we put into them, so you will never find ingredients listed on this cheat sheet in any of our products.

Instead of focusing on Synthetic vs. Natural, OR Clean beauty vs. Green Beauty, this cheat sheet will only educate you on the properties of commonly used ingredients that are found in our daily-use beauty, skincare & personal care products. 


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Behind the Name


The reason we didn’t name this guide ”Clean Beauty Cheat Sheet” is because rather than focusing on “clean”, we encourage consumers to look for transparency & sustainability – the brands who are willing to disclose exactly how their products will help our skin without damaging the planet and where, precisely, their ingredients come from, because they have no reason, whatsoever, to hide it. Read our entire blog on ”Decoding Clean Beauty Myths & Buzzwords” to understand our stance on clean beauty.

At Beauty Cleanse Skincare, we always design our products keeping the health of your skin and planet in mind. Read all about our Ingredients by clicking HERE. You can rest assured that our products DO NOT contain any of the controversial ingredients listed in this guide/cheat sheet.



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