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If we ask 100 people how to save the planet, we will get a lot of the same answers: buy plastic-free, stop flying, or become vegan. Whilst all of these are absolutely true, what we often forget is that buying ‘less’ should be number one on the list before anything else. Simple as that! Buy only what absolutely serves your skin and is designed keeping sustainability at its core.

Beauty Cleanse Skincare is based on the ethos of minimalism and slow consumption. To support our mission, we are bringing a new sustainability initiative (#RefuseRevolution) for eco-conscious beauty consumers looking to make positive impact via their purchases.

”Empowering you to make informed purchase decisions and REFUSE complicated & wasteful beauty routines” …


2020 is the year the World changed forever, with the global pandemic bringing into focus the much-needed changes that are needed for our communities, and planet, to both recover and thrive. If we have learnt just one thing about fast consumption from this recent pandemic, then that is simplicity. It is certainly possible to live with less.

The Beauty Cleanse Minimalism Chats are the regular informal conversations, run by the Beauty Cleanse Skincare founder Saman Ali, dedicated to promoting minimalism and sustainability in beauty and personal care. Considering the immense environmental impact of the consumerism on the planet, these chats are designed to tackle a sustainable topic at a time, with the aim to provide eco-conscious beauty consumers with a transparent and open picture of some of the most common trends, buzzwords, and reasons responsible for encouraging fast consumption, and help them understand the detrimental impact of our choices on the planet.

The beauty cleanse minimalism chats will not even advocate ‘clean beauty products’, but advocate ‘less beauty products’. We think, the criteria to determine what to buy should not include reliance on Synthetic vs. Natural, OR Clean beauty vs. Science-backed Beauty. In fact, it should only be about consuming fewer high-quality products that are good for skin and good for planet.

These chats are largely addressed towards consumers to arm them with the vital information required to make informed purchase decisions. It will also give them an opportunity to get involved and most importantly, empower them to make positive changes with the help of their buying behaviour. 

This first season of Beauty Cleanse Minimalism Chats will consist of 45minutes long, 6 episodes. At the end of this season, you will be equipped with an ability to make simple, smart choices that are better for the planet, and for your skin too.


Watch Episode 1

TOPIC: ”Minimalism in the Age of Endless Buzzwords”

GUEST: Lynda D’aboh

Creator of Wonderlusting Green Beauty Blog 

2021 Natural Health Beauty Awards Judge

2021/2020/2019 Beauty Shortlist Awards Judge 

2018 Psychologies Magazine Real Natural Beauty + Wellbeing Awards Panel 

2017 Blog of The Year, Precious Health & Beauty Awards

2017 ‘Natural and Organic Beauty’ Finalist New Generation Beauty Influencer Awards 

Instagram: @WonderlustingLynda    Website:

Episode went Live on 7th April, 2021. Available to watch on YouTube NOW


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