Beauty Cleanse Skincare

Tell Me More About this Waterless Formula?

More Product – because there is no added water, you get twice as much product, just add your own water!

Planet-friendly – an average skincare product is 70% water. Check the back of a bottle and you’ll see “Aqua” listed as the top ingredient. Well, your skin is waterproof. So quite simply, it’s useless in your skincare. Water doesn’t absorb into your skin, and it doesn’t hydrate you. It’s just diluting down the good ingredients. That’s why we don’t include any water in our products. And because our products aren’t watered down, they are incredibly potent, which means you can use less product each time. Aside from delivering better skincare, going waterless also means that our products are more sustainable. Water is a valuable resource, and we don’t see any reason to waste it.

Customisable – this unique formula can be customised perfectly to your specific skin preferences and needs. Make it a thick paste for deep exfoliation/scrubbing (twice a week) and keep it thin for a daily gentle cleanse. Use as a deep cleansing mask once a week for glowing, revived, and healthy complexion.

Stays fresh and Preservative-Free – let you activate the cleanser yourself to ensure a fresh potent wash every single time. No water also means your product will say fresh much longer and no synthetic preservatives are needed. Majority of the cosmetic products require preservatives due to the water inside them. Preservatives can often make skin irritated and sensitive for some people. Though there is nothing wrong with adding a preservative to the formulation as its there to protect it from bacteria, having no water means you simply have an option to go completely preservative-free.