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At Beauty Cleanse Skincare, we believe that you should feed your skin with goodness in the same way that you would feed your body – but without the hassle that comes with complicated morning routines & busy lifestyles. That is why we created these versatile Mean Green Superfood Drops to give your skin a healthy nutrition which is loaded with Omega 3,5,6,7,9, Natural Vitamin A,C, E and essential skin-loving vitamins & minerals.

Do you know these multipurpose drops can be used in 8 different ways? Let’s discuss each of these in detail below.



Facial Oil Serum – Refreshed & Restored Skin

Formulated with a base of Broccoli Seed Oil, this is a perfect restorative treat for dull, dehydrated & lack-lustre complexions. Natural Vitamin C, essential amino acids and omega 3,5,6,7,9 together with natural UV shields, and anti-inflammatory agents make this serum-in-oil a potent skin cocktail that restores dehydrated skin to its velvety best.

Applying 2-3 drops in the morning directly to cleansed skin will help keep your skin hydrated all day long. This also prevent flakiness and dry patches that usually appear during the midday when you skin starts losing moisture due to changing weather conditions.

PS: Did we mention it’s suitable for all genders? Yes, you heard it right! This means your partner can also have a little bit of his share too.

Makeup Primer – Flawless, Shine-free, Soft-focus coverage

Our morning routine isn’t complete without makeup. It does not have to be a heavy makeup look, but a light foundation or a tinted moisturiser is all you need to get ready for work. Applying these drops under your foundation can act as a super nourishing daily makeup primer that not only imparts a flawless, soft-focus finish, but also keep your makeup last longer.

It contains natural coconut esters which act as an emollient, skin conditioning agent and natural replacement to skin-clogging silicones. This let the product sink in smoothly and do not leave any tackiness behind – just like your favourite silicone primer.

For those, you do not prefer to apply it directly on the face can always mix 2-3 drops in their favourite moisturiser or foundation to enjoy the same benefits.

It is perfectly suitable for oily skin types due to the fast-absorbing properties. In fact, it helps balance excess sebum levels in our skin due to its high linoleic acid content, which means its greatly beneficial for oily skin types that produce too much oil during the day.

Nail & Cuticle Oil – Strong & Nourished Nails

Apply a thin layer to cover the nail and cuticle and massage gently around the nail bed in circular motion every morning. Applying once a day keeps the nail and surrounding skin nourished and free from irritations, due to the potent oils rich in natural tocopherols (Vitamin E), carotenoids (Vitamin A), B-vitamins, essential fatty acids and zinc.

Overnight Nail Strengthening Treatment

For those who are worried about dry, brittle, and weak nails can use this as an overnight nail strengthening treatment once a week. Apply liberally on the nails & fingers in the evening and cover hands with gloves. For best results, use moisture retaining gloves. Wake up with soothed and nourished nails. Frequent applications will make nails stronger and prevent splitting.

Post-Manicure – Re-hydrate the cuticles

Apply a few drops after freshly done manicure to re-hydrate the cuticles and bring them back to life. Allow it to absorb before applying your favourite nail polish.

Hair Styling – Lustrous locks with a protective moisture barrier

Regardless of the gender, these drops are a perfect treat for dull & lack-lustre locks. The high-linoleic content in combination with other vitamin-rich oils help strengthen hair follicles. Applying a few tiny drops on the ends of the hair give them a smooth & shiny look and prevent split ends.

Every morning put 2-3 drops (more for Afro, curly hair types and depending on hair thickness) on the palm of your hands, rub your hands together and run your fingers across the ends of your hair to spread it evenly, avoiding the roots. It is suitable for all hair types.

Tip for Oily Hair: Always keep it away from roots and start by only applying a drop or 2.

Ideal to smooth and style dull, distressed lengths. For example, smoothing baby hair when making ponytails, or to use it as post-styling serum for a sleek finish.

Hair Leave-in-Treatment – Healthy, smooth & manageable hair

Apply 3-4 drops on the damp hair after daily morning shower – from mid-length to ends and let your hair air or blow dry as normal. This would help keep hair smooth, healthy, and manageable by calming down the frizz and enhancing their natural shine.

Mix with Creams & Serums – Boost nourishing effects

The last but not the least, is to use the drops as a booster. Mixing a few drops into your daily moisturiser, body lotion or hand cream will enhance the nourishing effects and make you enjoy the wonderful benefits of Omega-rich oils which help seal in moisture for long-lasting hydration.

So, now it looks like your face, hair and nails are all sorted. This means you are all set to leave for work! 😉

We hope this product help streamline your morning beauty routine with its minimalist, clean & result-driven approach. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Photography Credit: Helen Little – Natural Beauty & Baby Blog 

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