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What is #RefuseRevolution?

Beauty Cleanse Skincare is all about simplifying beauty routines by maximizing the power of plants.  We know that a minimalist skincare ritual is just as effective as a 6, 10, or 15 step process, and we whole hardheartedly embrace the benefits of slowing down and appreciate that less is more.

That’s why we have launched a new sustainability initiative #RefuseRevolution (Beauty Cleanse Minimalism Chats) to empower you to make informed purchase decisions and REFUSE complicated and wasteful beauty routines!

Beauty Cleanse Minimalism Chats

Considering the immense environmental impact of the consumerism on the planet, these chats are designed to tackle a sustainable topic at a time, with the aim to provide eco-conscious beauty consumers with a transparent and open picture of some of the most common trends, buzzwords, and reasons responsible for encouraging fast consumption, and help them understand the detrimental impact of their choices on the planet.


Do you know that words like ‘natural’, ‘herbal’, ‘cosmetic grade’, ‘clean’, ‘green‘ and even ‘organic’ in the world of beauty products are not strictly regulated, making Greenwashing really hard to spot at times?


Therefore, we believe that learning to decode your labels and industry’s buzzwords is a must for all consumers. We, as conscious consumers, should never rely only on the front of the bottle to determine if our choice is good for our skin and the world around us. It all requires a deeper understanding of what happens during the entire product’s lifecycle.

Click the image above and start your slow beauty journey by watching Episode 1 on YouTube. Expect to learn with industry experts like Lorraine Dallmeier, Lou Dartford, Noleen Shinley and Wonderlusting Lynda, and get ready to become a sustainability pro!

Let’s refuse unnecessary purchases and only choose what’s good for your skin and good for the planet. Join #RefuseRevolution by sharing your Minimalist Shelfies (#MinimalistShelfie) or Minimal Skincare Routines and show the world that less is more and less is now!

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