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Using the latest innovation in sustainable and natural ingredients, our Cabbage + Cranberry +Hemp Anti-Pollution deep cleansing oil and makeup remover is infused with oils from leftover Hemp (contains standardised level of natural CBD) which is a natural by-product of the food industry and would otherwise go to waste.

The Sourcing Story - Where does our Hemp Seed Oil come from?

Our Hemp Seed Oil is made from a low-THC hemp variety which has been selected due to having the highest CBD content in the seeds. It comes from a responsible source in the UK. The seeds are harvested by hand, which are then pressed into oil for resale to the food industry.

Unfortunately, a large proportion of these seeds are rejected as they are deemed out of spec for food use. Instead of these nutrient-rich seeds going to waste, we upcycle them, resulting in a sustainable hemp seed oil with natural CBD.

This Hemp Seed Oil can help support the strengthening of the skin barrier, thanks to its ultra high linoleic acid content – the most prevalent fatty acid in this oil. Linoleic acid can also significantly benefit acne-prone skin and help to balance the skin’s natural sebum consistency; studies show that acne patients in particular have low levels of linoleic acid in their skin surface lipids.

Key features

Local, responsibly sourced & fully traceable.

Rich in nourishing, linoleic acid.

Cold-Pressed, Unrefined.

Rich source of Vegan Omega 3.

Acts as a skincare active and emollient for face.


In addition to cannabidiol (CBD), Hemp Seed Oil also contains other skin-enhancing cannabinoids which contribute to the overall beneficial effects of the oil. This nourishing active oil contains high levels of essential fatty acids, in addition to flavonoids, terpenoids and other phenolics.


The graph below in the antioxidant study (ORAC) reveals that our Hemp Seed Oil has a significantly higher antioxidant capacity compared with standard hemp seed oil.

Manufacturing Process

Impact of Food Waste on the Planet

According to the UN’s Food and Agricultural Organization, 1.3 billion tons of food are wasted or lost every year; which is a daunting number for food waste, given the relentlessly increasing human population that requires more food and more land for agricultural purposes. The reality complicates the matter as the land mass of the planet is limited and agricultural expansion could result in severe habitat loss. Moreover, 1.5 million adults in London alone struggle to afford to eat every day, 400,000 children are at risk of missing the next meal. Meanwhile, our food industry generates almost 2 million tonnes of good, edible surplus food each year.

To support this cause and make a positive difference, we also donate 1% of each sale made to the ‘ The Felix Project’ – a London-based charity which aims to tackle food waste and food poverty.

The dedicated team at The Felix Project collects fresh, nutritious food that cannot be sold and otherwise go to waste, and deliver this surplus food to charities and schools to provide them with healthy meals and help the most vulnerable in our society. By supporting this charity, we ensure that less food goes to landfill, incineration and anaerobic digestion. Instead it will be helping them reach thousands of people currently living below the poverty line.

We strongly believe that utilizing technology and supporting organisations to upcycle discarded food materials into something beneficial is one of the best ways to reduce waste – something we always strive to do here at Beauty Cleanse Skincare.

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