Beauty Cleanse Skincare

We are always striving to keep sustainability at the core of everything we do...

''At Beauty Cleanse Skincare, we believe that sustainability isn't just about one part of product's life cycle. It's also not about associating yourself with one trending buzzword (such as waterless, zero-waste or plastic-free) and doing more harm than good in other areas of operations.

A real sustainable solution is in minimising waste at all stages of product's life cycle, and creating products that promote slow and conscious consumption.

Because, we believe CONSUMERISM is not Sustainable!

So, in terms of the product's lifecycle, there are 3 important areas which we believe could be massively responsible for leaving a negative impact on our environment.




Below are some of the steps we’re currently taking in these areas to play our part.


Recyclable & Biodegradable Packaging Materials

We use 100% Biodegradable packing chips to pack our orders. This environmentally-friendly loose fill can be completely composted upon contact with water and do not leave any traces behind for landfills. Even the tapes we use in our offices are completely biodegradable - free from plastics.

All other packaging boxes, postal packing materials, such as parcel boxes are 100% recyclable and made from at least 60 – 80% recycled materials. Our recyclable wrapping tissues are acid-free and made from 99% recycled pulp fibres. Approx. 30% of electricity used to make this material is produced from renewable sources.

Paper Consumption

We eliminate unnecessary paperwork, brochures, leaflets – we consider using electronic communication unless impossible. That is why, we do not send any paper receipts in our parcels.

Glass Packaging

All our products are housed in 100% recyclable glass. Glass is infinitely recyclable and derived from natural raw materials. Unlike plastic, there are no issues around microplastics or toxicity within our oceans or wider environment.

Droppers & Lids

We are on a constant look out for materials that can help us eliminate mixed materials from our caps and droppers. At the moment, they are not recyclable in domestic recycling but can be recycled if returned to TerraCycle. Have a look at TerraCycle website by visiting


Quality & Transparency

Our 100% Natural Ingredients are sourced from British-owned family heritage businesses who keep their practises ethical & transparent and are founded upon the absolute passion for providing the finest & highest quality natural and organic ingredients. All of their Organic ingredients are registered with COSMOS, Soil Association  and SEDEX.

They are committed to travel to some of the most remote parts of the world to select the highest quality ingredients that also support farming communities, families, sustainability and environmental projects around the globe.

All our other ingredients (including upcycled) are sourced from reputable UK-based suppliers with fully traceable supply chains. (Upcycled Hemp, Cranberry, Carrot, Raspberry, Rice Extracts etc)

Ethical Choice

We carefully choose all of our suppliers to ensure their practices are aligned with our sustainability missions. For example, our Label Suppliers are always striving to reduce their own waste going to landfill, hence, all of their waste is collected and sent for processing at an Energy Recovery Facility, to provide electricity for the National Grid and Heat for Sheffield’s District Energy Network, UK. 

Benefiting Local Economy – 100% Made in UK

We are a 100% made in UK. We test, formulate and package our products in Britain.


Nutrient-Rich Cold Pressed Extracts

Our products are always handmade from a combination of cold-pressed organic and inorganic oils because some oils are unavailable organically. In that case, we use 100% Natural, and Unrefined Cold Pressed Oils in its place as the second best option in terms of the purity and natural profile of the oils.

On the other hand, cold-pressing is one of the most effective oil extraction method that does not involve any heat or chemicals. This process is generally more climate-conscious than general oil extraction, as it uses less energy. We only use cold-pressed superfood oils across our entire range. The added bonus? Cold-Pressing retains the oil’s nutritional goodness in its most natural form.

Utilising Discarded Raw Materials / Upcycling

Here at Beauty Cleanse Skincare, we’re on a mission to choose nutrient-dense ingredients that are good for the skin and good for the environment.

We give leftover seeds a new lease of life by collecting them from local food and juicing suppliers and cold press them to produce unique antioxidant rich oils for our skincare formulations – by doing so, we are utilising raw materials that would otherwise be disposed of. We are on a constant look out for more similar ingredients that can be added to our product range.

Multipurpose Ingredients

We always work with multibeneficial ingredients to create innovate formulations that can help blur excessive product categories. This is our way of designing products that help minimise waste. We believe that the most sustainable product is the one that has not been bought or produced. Because no matter how sustainable the idea is, there is always some sort of carbon footprint linked to the consumption and production of new products. Therefore, our aim is to always design products that prevent releasing unnecessary CO2 in to the environment in the first place.


Do you know that an average skincare product is 70% water? Check the back of a bottle and you’ll see “Aqua” listed as the top ingredient. Well, your skin is waterproof. So quite simply, it’s useless in your skincare. Water doesn’t absorb into your skin, and it doesn’t hydrate you. It’s just diluting down the good ingredients. That’s why we don’t include any water in our products. And because our products aren’t watered down, they are incredibly potent, which means you can use less product each time. Aside from delivering better skincare, going waterless also means that our products are more sustainable. Water is a valuable resource, and we don’t see any reason to waste it.

100% Natural, Vegan, Cruelty Free

All our products are 100% Natural, Vegan and Cruelty free. However, we never say ‘Natural’ is always the best. The best ingredients are the ones which are safe, sustainable and results-driven. Therefore, we work with carefully selected natural ingredients that fulfil this criteria. We define natural as ‘naturally-occurring plants, seeds and floral extracts’, or ‘ingredients derived from nature, or nature identical solutions which promises safety and sustainability’.

We formulate with an extremely high ingredient standard which promises to protect our skin, planet and animals.