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Difference between Upcycling and Circular Beauty


Upcycling (creative re-use) is the process of transforming by-products, waste materials, or unwanted products into new materials or products of better quality or for better environmental value. Circular beauty involves the concept of upcycling to make use of left-over or discarded ingredients for making eco-conscious beauty products.

The goal of upcycling is to prevent wasting useful materials which reduces the consumption of new raw materials. This can result in reduction of energy usage, air pollution, water pollution, and even greenhouse gas emissions. According to the UK’s Environmental Protection Agency, ”For every 2 tonnes of food consumed, 1 tonne goes to waste somewhere along the chain, be it at the production, retail or manufacturing stage”.

It’s no secret that the overconsumption of the earth’s resources (along with the amount of waste produced) is having a harmful impact on our planet. More than 50 million tonnes of fresh fruit and vegetables is discarded across Europe every year for aesthetic reasons. This shows that making little changes can have a huge difference to avoid post-consumer waste.

Moreover, do you know that upcycled foods or ingredients are full of vitamins and nutrients? Just because something doesn’t look pretty doesn’t mean it isn’t nutritious and very edible! It’s unfortunate that lots of wonky-looking vegetables get discarded by many high-end restaurants every day just because they wouldn’t look pretty on the salad plate.

Benefits of Circular Beauty


Circular Beauty comes with lots of benefits – environmental and economical as the two key ones.

  1. Environmental – It reduces waste going to landfills and the unnecessary manufacture of new goods
  2. Economical – It saves costs of manufacturing, packaging and transporting something entirely new


Small Steps towards Sustainable Future

At beauty cleanse skincare, we try our best to make sustainable and eco-conscious choices when it comes to developing our products. Our goal is to design hardworking hybrid products to simplify busy and fast-paced routines, while reducing the consumption. We create fewer products with potent botanicals and science-backed natural actives.
We don’t formulate with anything harmful to skin or soil, and only use natural, vegan and organic cold pressed plant oils which are almost good enough to eat. Afterall, if you wouldn’t eat something, why would you put it on your face?


Our new multipurpose serum-in-oil, Carrot Algae Marine Drops is made with 100% upcycled and wild-harvested Carrot Seeds, utilised from the left-over raw materials that would have otherwise gone to waste by the food industry. We upcycle lots of discarded carrot seeds taken from the local UK suppliers, and press them into an oil to create powerful active for our formulation.
Not only it adds antioxidant-rich benefits to the skin, it also gives the serum stunningly fresh and earthy aroma, eliminating the need of adding any artificial or additional fragrance to it. This makes it suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

The serum is designed to strengthen skin’s resilience to modern lifestyle stressors and prevent and relieve signs of fatigue and pre-mature ageing. There is no doubt that carrot is the nature’s potent antioxidant-rich vegetable, containing a rich dose of beta carotene (Vitamin A) – a highly effective regenerating and anti-ageing ingredient.

Our focus on upcycling is one of our core values. We want to be the solution to the problem and not contribute to it. We strongly believe that you can create nourishing and high-performing skincare brand without compromising the planet.

Upcycling Beyond Beauty and Skincare

Along with making your skincare routines ethical, there is a lot more you can do to implement this concept in other parts of your life. For example, making an apron with the fabric from an old dress, turning food cans into pretty flowerpots, painting your old furniture to create new looks! The possibilities are countless. There are no limits to what you can create using the concept of upcycling. Its sustainable, cost-effective and most of all doesn’t require any skills. Just the imagination and willingness 😊[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]