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Slow beauty

To put it in simple words, Slow beauty is a concept of quality over quantity – for the wellbeing of your skin and the planet.

It’s about considering the products you’re putting on your face and the skin – and checking they’re good for you and the world around you. Slow Beauty is also a gentler and kinder alternative to the current trends for harsh and invasive quick fixes that promise immediate results. It’s not what you find in the majority of the mainstream beauty and wellbeing products. These products contain long list of harsh synthetic ingredients which often include plastic molecules & polymers (polypropylene, silicones), as well as being packaged in plastic. Don’t forget that the plastic & harsh chemicals found in our ingredients get washed down the drains and make their way to our ecosystem which takes hundred of years to biodegrade in landfill. Natural alternatives to all of our daily skincare and makeup products can be achieved to the same, or an even better standard by using our planet’s very own ingredients.

Let’s understand the complete concept of Slow Beauty by comparing it with the Fast Fashion and Slow Food Trend. Have you heard of these two?
The slow beauty movement is very similar to these two trends.

Fast fashion is described as an inexpensive clothing that is mass produced by high street retailers, following the latest fashion trends. These items are churned out fast, straight from the runway into stores to keep up with demand and are often forgotten about when the hype dies down. The sheer volume of low quality production has a huge impact on the environment and its something that needs changing to save our planet.
On the other hand, slow food trend is about incorporating local, seasonal, nutritious, environmentally sustainable and ethically produced foods in your lifestyle. Slow Food advocates think carefully about what they’re putting inside their bodies.

Slow Beauty is a natural extension of these ethos

It also takes into account the environment and promotes sustainability through every aspect of production. It raises questions as to how the ingredients are sourced and the overall impact it has on the world around us. Even the packaging itself needs to reflect the same ideology and supports sustainability.

Our Approach

Slow Beauty is one of our core values here at Beauty Cleanse Skincare. We carefully curate our range of key products, covering most common skincare needs of busy lifestyles. Our approach to innovation is driven by quality, not quantity. Rather than splitting out active ingredients across multiple formulations, we believe in combining the best multi-functional ingredients into a small, manageable range of products which gives a pure & nutrient-rich skincare solution that maintain healthy skin function while addressing convenience, simplicity and ease of use for the busy lifestyles. Our products are designed to be a perfect fit for a well-aware busy urban dweller who is keen to feed his skin with clean ingredients without leaving a negative impact on the planet. Therefore, our minimalist approach in reflected in all of the formulations.

We always ensure our ingredients are free from controversial ingredients; you will only find 100% natural, antioxidant-rich and sustainable ingredients in our formulations.

Below is the link to our specially curated Cheat Sheet which not only help consumers make informed beauty choices overall, but it also lists all those ingredients that you will never find in our formulations;


Multipurpose Mean Green Superfood Drops

This Restoring Serum-in-Oil Drops are suitable for whole body use – it’s a green goodness that not only nourishes the face but also help protect, hydrate and restore your hair, nails and hands all at once.

Multipurpose Carrot Algae Marine Drops

Whereas, this Anti-Fatigue Serum-in-Oil Drops contain planet-friendly, natural active ingredients that offer high-performance, multi-functional benefits to nourish, rejuvenate and energise skin affected by stress and demands of urban lifestyles.

Both of these drops are designed keeping wellbeing in mind- better for your skin, and better for the environment.

Unfortunately, too many skincare, beauty and personal care products are made without a thought for their ecological after-effects. In our modern society when the facts about the threat of climate change are so well-known, it makes sense to swap to products that are environmentally friendly. For example, many sunscreens contain chemicals that are toxic to marine life, so it’s worth seeking out a natural, mineral sunscreen instead. Same is the case with silicones that can be found in nearly 80% of the products in the market.

How to adopt Slow Beauty Regime

Here are a few points to consider if you want to slow down your beauty regime.

Always Choose Natural and Organic (GMO & pesticide-free) Ingredients

Let your skin adjust to the new natural routine by giving it time without using harsh skin-congesting chemicals that promises instant results. Such as Silicones, PEGs, Alcohol etc. Nourishing and caring for your skin are surely better than subjecting it to a raft of harmful ingredients in the name of smoothing out every wrinkle. Slow Beauty is also about working harmoniously with your skin to produce more natural, softer and – many would say – better results over time. However, do not underestimate the power of some of the high-performance natural ingredients that can give almost same instant results as their synthetic alternatives.

Think about the Environmental Impacts of the Ingredients and Products on the Planet

100% Clean, Vegan and Cruelty-free doesn’t mean product is free from harmful chemicals that can impact the health of your skin. Its all down to each ingredient used in the formulation, where it comes from, and what impact does it leave on the environment after its washed out and ended up in your drains. We believe in harnessing the power of nature’s potent and antioxidant-rich ingredients that support a healthy natural skin barrier function and do not cause or flare up any skin sensitivities.

Along with being 100% biodegradable, all our products are also suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Click here to read more about the high-performance natural ingredients used in our formulations.

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